Guide for conference delegates

How to access the conference event space

How to login:

Go to:

Enter the same email and password you used to Register and login. Only registered delegates can access recordings, papers and powerpoint files.

From here you can explore the conference environment. Through the calendar in the main screen (or under ‘At a Glance’) you can see all of the sessions.  Within each session you will find a recording of the session, as well as links to the individual presentations and their papers and slideshows.

How to watch recordings

You find the recordings by opening the sessions via the calendar in the event space. The recordings will be available for 60 days in the event space after they are published. See below for how to add captions.

Code of conduct

The International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries (LibPMC) is committed to creating and supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive experience for our community. Please help us make the conference enjoyable and safe for all by reading our full Code of Conduct. 


  • Written papers as well as powerpoint slides are now available in the conference event space.
  • Recordings of all presentations are now available to registered delegates in the event space and will be available for 60 days after the conference. To view captions with these recordings, please use Google Chrome and see the instructions below.

How to get captions while viewing recorded presentations in Google Chrome:

  • PC users: Settings -> Advanced -> Accessibility -> Live Caption
  • Mac users: Chrome -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Accessibility -> Live Caption

Helpful tip: If you use multiple profiles in Google Chrome, Chrome only adjusts the accessibility features for the profile you’re using at the time you change the setting.