Past conferences

12th International Conference 2017,

11th International Conference 2015,

10th International Conference 2013,

9th International Conference 2011,

8th International Conference 2009, IFLA satellite conference, Florence Proceedings published 2011, Northumbria University Press, Newcastle

7th International Conference 2007, IFLA satellite conference, Stellenbosch Proceedings published 2007, Emerald

6th International Conference 2005, IFLA satellite preconference, Durham Proceedings published 2005 (E-book), Emerald

5th International Conference 2003, IFLA satellite preconference, Durham Proceedings published 2004 (print and E-book), Emerald

4th International Conference 2001, IFLA satellite preconference, Pittsburgh, PA Proceedings published 2002, Association of Research Libraries, Washington, DC

3rd International Conference 1999, Longhirst, Northumberland Proceedings published 2000, University of Northumbria, Newcastle

2nd International Conference 1997, Longhirst, Northumberland Proceedings published 1998, University of Northumbria, Newcastle

1st International Conference 1995, Longhirst, Northumberland Proceedings published 1995, University of Northumbria, Newcastle