Guidelines for presenters

  • Presenters are expected to give an animated presentation, not to read aloud the text of their paper.
  • Presenters of full papers will have 25 minutes for their paper, plus 5 minutes for questions.
  • Presenters of lightening papers have 8 minutes for their paper, plus 2 minutes for questions (which may be taken after each paper or after a number of papers, depending on the session chair).
  • Presentations can be given in Powerpoint or Prezi. Presentations written in other software (e.g. OpenOffice) but saved in this format are acceptable.
  • There will be a host for each session in the programme. They will contact you directly regarding your presentation around 1 month before the Conference.
  • All presentations must be submitted to the session moderator in advance – each session host will inform the presenters in their session of the deadline for this.
  • We advise that presenters bring some form of backup for their presentation (e.g. a version on a USB stick) in case of technical difficulties.
  • Internet access may be available for presenters, but we request that presenters notify their session host of this need ASAP.