Information for presenters

Multi-paper sessions include presentations on a common theme. Each session has a Chair, who will welcome the audience, coordinate the session, and keep time. The Chair for your session will contact you before the Conference to answer questions, check that all those presenting have registered for the Conference, and ensure that papers, handouts, and slides have been submitted in advance. 

You are expected to present live and share your screen to show your slides. We will be arranging ‘speaker training’ on the virtual conference platform via your session Chair. You are expected to attend a tech check in advance of the conference, also advertised via your session Chair.  

1. Review your presentation format: 

  • Full papers are allotted a maximum of 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes per presentation for questions – a total of 25 minutes per presentation. Maximum 3 presenters. 
  • Lightning talks are allotted a maximum of 5 minutes, plus 5 minutes per presentation for questions – a total of 10 minutes per presentation. Only 1 presenter allowed. 
  • Panels are allotted a maximum of 60 minutes, which must include at least 20 minutes for audience engagement and interactivity (preferably interspersed throughout the time, rather than just at the end).

If you cannot remember which type of presentation you are doing (which may be different to what you applied to do), you can check via your Ex Ordo dashboard at the bottom under ‘Decision’:

2. Submit your paper 

As stated in the Terms & Conditions for abstract submission, all accepted full papers and lightning papers must be written up for the Conference Proceedings. Submitting papers in advance of the conference also supports accessibility: all papers and written panel summaries will be made available to registrants before the conference.

  • Your written paper must be received by 23:59 pm B.S.T. (British Summer Time) on Monday, 3 July. 
  • Papers will be made available to attendees ahead of the conference in order to support accessibility.  
  • Full papers should be 3000-5000 words in length. 
  • Lightning papers should be no more than 3000 words in length. Submissions for the proceedings can be in the form of an outline/script with expanded bullet points or written up as a short paper. Lightning talks will be included in Conference Proceedings. Presenters of “Fail talks” may choose for it to be included in the Conference proceedings. 
  • Panels should provide a 2-page (500 – 1000 words) written overview of the panel’s key discussion issue(s)/points/questions. This will be included in the Conference Proceedings. 

To submit your file, login to Ex Ordo ( where you will see a ‘My Final Submissions’ card on the Dashboard and the prompt ‘Submit Final Submission’. Confirm title and abstract. Confirm authors, including affiliation and email address. Upload PDF.  

Further instructions are available here: .

  • The Conference Proceedings will be published as an Open Access PDF on the Conference website within 1 month of the Conference. Authors are free to make their paper available via their institutional repository, or other Open Access route. 
  • Papers will not be edited and will be made available as submitted. 
  • Publication in the Conference Proceedings does not prevent submission of the work to a journal, with most journals only requiring that the written paper is ‘substantially different’ from previously published work, even if they are both based on the same research. 
  • Selected papers will be invited to submit for the Conference Special Issue of the Emerald journal Performance Measurement & Metrics. 

3. Submit your presentation

  • Your presentation slides are due by 23:59 B.S.T. (British Summer Time) on Thursday, 6 July. 

These slides are an emergency back-up, just in case you have technical problems during your session. They will also be available to attendees to support accessibility. 

You are expected to present live using the same slides you have locally stored. Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint. Presentations written in other software (e.g. OpenOffice) but saved in PowerPoint are acceptable. Please do not make your live presentation using a web-based programme (e.g. Google Slides, Prezi) as it may not work correctly with our virtual platform. 

If the timezone makes a live presentation unreasonably difficult for you, please contact as soon as possible to discuss options for pre-recording. 

  • The number of slides for lightning / fail talks is limited to 15, to ensure these are dynamic, tightly-focused presentations. There is no limit on slide numbers for full papers, but you will be kept strictly to 20 minutes presenting time. 
  • The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 50MB. 
  • There can be an unlimited number of authors on the published paper and listed on slides, but only three people may present a full (20 minute) paper, and only one presenter is allowed for a lightning talk / fail talk. When you upload your presentation you will be asked to confirm who is presenting. Others involved in the paper can join for the live Q&A. 

To submit your PowerPoint file, login to Ex Ordo ( where you will have a ‘My Presentations’ card on the Dashboard. 

  • Confirm the Presenter(s)’ biographies (just those who are presenting). 
  • Upload your PowerPoint file (in ppt or pptx format).  

Further instructions are available here: .  

For more information about creating an accessible presentation, preparing slides, and presenting, consult our presentation tips.  

We will be using Accelevents as our virtual conference delivery platform. We will be arranging ‘speaker training’ on this platform via your session Chair. You are expected to attend a tech check in advance of the conference, also advertised via your session Chair.