Presenter Support Sessions

Ahead of this year’s LibPMC, we are offering presenter support sessions to anyone who feels they need it. These online sessions provide an opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, and/or fears about your paper and presentation, and get feedback from peers. Members of the Conference organising committee will be there to support and advise, and Dr Leo Appleton from the Information School at the University of Sheffield will share his top tips for writing papers! The sessions are drop in, and we will be available during the whole one hour time period. You are welcome to drop in at any point during the session.

These sessions also provide a great opportunity to come together with other library and information professionals who will be presenting at LibPMC. If you are a presenter nervous about your presentation or wondering how best to approach writing your paper, and are interested in connecting with other colleagues, please do attend one of these online support sessions. 

Please use the form below to let us know which sessions you would like to attend. The dates and times for the sessions are:

  • Wednesday, 17th of May, 8:15–9:15 AM BST (UTC+1) World Clock
  • Wednesday, 17th of May, 4–5 PM BST (UTC+1) World Clock
  • Wednesday, 14th of June, 8:15–9:15 AM BST (UTC+1) World Clock
  • Wednesday, 14th of June, 4–5 PM BST (UTC+1) World Clock